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5 Q’s with Morgan Jackson: women’s basketball player opens up about cupcakes, P!nk and Ronald Reagan

The Signal recently sat down with freshman Morgan Jackson of the women’s basketball team to get her take on Georgia State, baking and aliens.  Here is what the Gainesville, Ga. native had to say.


Opportunity to earn minutes

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Morgan Jackson of the women's basketball team. Photo courtesy of Georgia State athletics and Paul Abell.
Morgan Jackson of the women’s basketball team. Photo courtesy of Georgia State athletics and Paul Abell.

“It makes you want to work harder because you know you’re getting in the game and you know have a chance to help your team get a win. “

Next season

“We need to come together and improve our mental toughness so we can pull out the close games.  Personally, I’m going to work on getting stronger.”

Sense I couldn’t live without

“Taste, definitely.  If I couldn’t taste my food I don’t know what I would do.”

Robinson Test Prep Academy

 Dream home

 Some secluded, Caribbean island.  I love the beach and it would be nice be out there, in the middle of no where, with just the ocean surrounding you.”

 Do aliens exist?

 “No. I feel like we would have seen some by now or they would have communicated with us.”

 Georgia State attraction

 “I really liked the coaches and I liked that it was in Atlanta.”

Lives to bake

 “My favorite thing to bake is probably cupcakes.  I make good cupcakes.”

Best present

 “My concert tickets to go see P!nk.  I got them for Christmas from my mom and dad.”

 Favorite musician


Three people I would like to have dinner with

 “Johnny Cash, Drake and probably Ronald Reagan.”

Favorite movie

“Dirty Dancing.  I’ve seen it a ton of times, too many to count.”

First Car

Dodge Charger



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