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11/12 Blotter: Student apparently robbed at gunpoint off Peachtree St.

Creatively compiled by Signal reporters each week, items in the crime blotter are based on actual interactions between the Georgia State University Police and real people on campus.

November 7

Georgia State student robbed on Peachtree Street

Peachtree St. at Upper Wall St.

On the well lit and bustling Peachtree Street, two shadowy figures approached a young Georgia State student and demanded his wallet and backpack at 8 p.m. on a Thursday night. One of the robbers pointed what appeared to be a gun from his jacket pocket at the victim who gave the description of the figure as a black male with short black hair, standing at 5’8″ with a blue football jacket and black jeans. Police are handling the investigation.

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November 8

Student loses her keys and lanyard
University Commons
A Georgia State student lost her dorm room and mailbox key along with her lanyard in the University Commons. However, considering recent Commons security problems, she probably won’t have much trouble getting in.

Yet another theft at the Commons
University Commons
A student left her wallet unattended at the University Commons Friday night. When she returned, it had been stolen. Police are handling the investigation.

Leave the building or go to jail
Citizens Trust Building
A non-Georgia State person was found making a disturbance at the Citizen Trust Building off Piedmont Ave. After police made contact with the individual, he was escorted off the property and issued a Criminal Trespass Warning.

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